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So let’s try and take a look into the profession of being a locksmith and how beneficial they are.

1105, 2017

Too Many Keys on a Keyring?

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Carrying around a bunch of keys on a keyring not only bulks up your pockets but imagine what that kind of weight is doing to the barrel of your car’s ignition. House keys, car key, safe key, deposit safe key, caravan key, shed key, garage key, filing cabinet key, shop front key, office key. All of these keys add additional weight that is unnecessarily being hauled around by you and by your car’s ignition. By the way, the cost of a new ignition? Possibly over $1000. Although many people still carry around a set of keys that probably weighs up to at least an extra kilo, imaging de-keying your keyring by at least half. Imagine not losing your keys.

You can have your existing locks altered to receive one key. It’s called re-keying and we, here at Greater Perth Locks and Security can change the tumblers of the lock cylinders with new ones. Okay now imagine having moved house or your business. Re-keying these new addresses means you don’t need to be concerned about past owners, past tenants even, who inadvertently have retained a key or two. There is less expense to consider when re-keying your property rather than replacing all the existing locks in your home or business premises. But to have it done properly and securely, it is more timely to employ the services of a professional locksmith than to do this kind of work yourself.

Your Business is Your Asset

And must be treated like your home. Your trusted and experienced locksmith has all your security needs under control. Even your security keys are under the duty of care of your locksmith whose diligence is incomparable when it’s your business security that is involved.

And there is much to consider:

  • High security means locking systems.
  • Door opening and closing systems
  • High quality padlocks, gate locks and roller door locking systems
  • Even Surveillance and alarm systems
  • Restricted Master Key systems allow you the owner to control who is authorised to enter certain areas of your building.
  • Access Control systems and intercoms
  • Fire safes and combination locks for safes
  • Security and Video cameras
  • After Installation support

Your Vehicle’s Security is Safer Than your Houses

  • Gaining access to your car is your locksmith’s business which he’ll do without causing damage to your asset
  • Ask about his emergency call system for when you accidentally lock yourself out of your car
  • And your key can be duplicated either via a key-cutting service or by a programmed transponder key to your car

How secure is your home?

Your local experienced locksmith will help you decide what devices will be the right units for your:

  • External and internal doors. This includes deadlocks, dead-latches and traditional spring and bolt locks.
  • Locks for windows, security doors, fly-wire and sliding doors. Security sliding windows, keyed patio locks and deadlocks.
  • Locking units for garages and sheds.
  • Locks for pool gates, external garden gates and patio gates.
  • And repairs which are something a locksmith takes into account. Locks sometimes need replacing and the only way to have peace of mind is when your local locksmith can call out to secure your home.

Downsizing is the natural decision. Changing multiple locks in your home or business to suit one master key is the epitome of peace of mind. Not only with the ignition barrel in your car thank you, so will your hip pocket in the long term. Your business needs can be covered with a master key system so that only a few authorised staff may hold a key which incidentally cannot be copied without your approval. If you have any concerns, questions or would simply like to discuss your options, give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer advice and or discuss your requirements with you. One key systems are the answer to bulky pockets and keys that you can’t find in a hurry.

Have a chat with us at Greater Perth Lock and Security and talk to the people who know what they’re talking about.